The Best Investment We Have Ever Made

If you were thinking about CTS as your IT firm, call me personally or better yet my front office! I am not only confident that my office is running smoothly but that all the right information is backed up correctly and we are HIPAA compliant with all the right securities in place.  They are a comprehensive, time-proven and personal service that has set the bar so high there is no comparison. They have given us TIME and focus. They have saved us so much time and headaches which conversely has allowed me and the team to keep our focus on dentistry!!!!!  Without a doubt one of the best investments we have ever made! Extremely comprehensive and always working with all our existing partners in dentistry! These guys are not only more efficient in helping to diagnose the problem but will always follow up to make sure it has been corrected long term!  This is critical because when I am in the middle of an implant surgery and I need that X-ray, I am confident that there will be no problems and no delays in the surgery due to faulty equipment or software errors!! Thank you!!

Dr. Justin Smutz Owner
Winter Dental

I Know My Practice Is Always Safe and Protected

I am confident in the cybersecurity that CTS provides. They are always ahead of threats. They are friendly and incredibly helpful.  There are other companies out there, but this has been by far the best choice for us.

Dr. Kim Kretsch Partner
Colorado Dentistry for Children

I Can Focus on Being a Dentist

These guys know what they are doing! I can’t tell you how many times in the past, we’ve worked with tech companies who had to be on-site repeatedly for the same problem, racking up huge bills and never really solving the problem.  CTS is streamlined, they never recommend more than we need, and problems get fixed correctly the first time, every time.  I’ve worked with a lot of the local IT companies and I can say without any reservation that CTS has been much more knowledgeable and comprehensive than anyone else.  Since joining forces with CTS, I have been able to NOT worry about IT every single day.

Dr. Jim Craig Owner
Summerbrook Dental Group

I Finally Found Peace of Mind When It Comes to My Technology

We as dentists have a lot on our plates and a lot to manage.  The fact that I don’t have to worry about what to do if a computer is down or a software isn’t working is huge!  The peace of mind that we have a ‘force field’ from viruses and a strong backup is excellent. The Cybersecurity that CTS provides is a big benefit to my practice.  They are very responsive and efficient.

Dr. Ian Morse Owner
South Metro Family Dentistry

Great Customer Service and Always There When Needed

CTS provides quick response to urgent issues that are vital to the practice functioning well.  Because they are proactive it keeps our IT systems functioning well and up-to-date.  They have been very willing to work to meet our needs and provide excellent customer service.

Dr. Layne Benzley Owner
Castle Rock Smiles

Convenient to Contact Day or Night

We love working with CTS. The biggest benefit is how convenient they are to contact day or night. They always respond quickly. This is the first off-location firm we have worked with and it has been a great experience. They work quickly to get us up and running again if we have computer issues. They even contact Dentrix for us to expedite issues with our software. They always provide excellent customer service as well. THANKS CTS!

Dr. Susan Chidlow Partner
Pediatric Dental Partners

I Will Continue with Them Until I Retire

CTS is always responsive to a technical emergency.  They are right there all the time. CTS provides good value for the fees we pay, and CTS does not "nickel and dime" us with services.  Other IT companies will charge for every little detail. I have been very pleased with the products CTS provides AND the service that comes with the products.  I have been with CTS for over 8 years and will continue with them until I retire!

Dr. Bob Utberg Owner
Utberg Family Dentistry

Quick to Diagnose and Fix

The CTS team has the knowledge to assist with Dentrix and Dexis, they are good at communication and have excellent response times.  They are very reliable when we need  them to help with any issues or concerns.

Jeff Young Partner
Colorado Dentistry for Children

Worth Every Penny Spent

It is such a benefit having friendly, helpful technicians available when we need them. Even if I must leave a message, they are quick to return those calls. They are very knowledgeable but don't use so many technical terms that you have no idea what they are talking about. It is also nice having the option to just send a message for things that are not urgent. I appreciate not being nickel and dimed to death. Planning on the same amount each month really helps keep things within our set budget for IT support. CTS is worth every penny spent!

Valerie Johnson Practice Manager
Poudre Valley Periodontics and Dental Implants

Best IT Company I Have Ever Worked With

CTS takes all the headaches out of technology.  It makes it so much easier to run the practice when everything is working as it should.  They completely manage everything; application software, computers, phones, etc.  They are the best IT company I have ever worked with!

Bryan Baker Practice Advisor
Impressions Dental

We Like Their Availability and Skills

I appreciate the fact that CTS has our backs digitally.  It's impressive that they come to our office to meet with us on a regular basis.  We like their availability and that they have the skills to take care of our IT needs.

Dr. Dan Crawford Sr. Partner
Pediatric Dental Partners

I No Longer Worry About IT Causing My Practice Not to Run Efficiently

For the many years I've worked with CTS they can -calm frustrations- when software doesn't work. All we have to do is call and tech support fixes it quickly and effectively. If you're considering an IT company, I would recommend CTS. Give them a try and see for yourself how they -offload- IT problems throughout the office

Dr. Mark Barnes Owner
TMJ Sleep Solutions

They Are Truly A Member of Our Team

If we have any real-time issues, we can just contact CTS and they will work to resolve it ASAP.  We don't have to take time away from patient care to troubleshoot issues. Because CTS is geared towards servicing their clients, they don't sell them on overpriced products that they don't need or that don't fit in their practice. With the increasing challenges around cyber security threats, having real time backups, and immediate "tech support", CTS is like having a dedicated IT person in your office, every day.

Dr. Randy Weinshel Partner
Kids First Pediatric Dentistry

In 7 Years, I Have Never Had To Worry About IT

CTS has fast and excellent service when needed most and they provide a peace of mind to my practice.  I’ve been with CTS for 7 years and they are professional and reliable.  I have never had the need to try someone else.

Dr. Flaviu Oltean Owner
Tower Dental

They Help Your Office Work at its Optimum Level

We appreciate CTS's response time in helping us keep all of the different dental equipment, systems and programs working together seamlessly. CTS is proactive and responsive not just reactive like others we’ve used in the past. Just go with CTS. They can help your office work at its optimum level and keep you safe, compliant and sane while doing so.

Dr. T. Brian Cope Owner
Cope Family Dental

CTS Has Helped Us Grow

CTS is exactly who we needed for our rapidly growing company, and we are proud to have them as part of our team! CTS provides peace of mind! My team comments to me on a regular basis how nice the CTS team is, and how happy they are that we made the switch to work with them. CTS will monitor your computers and servers to preemptively catch any potential concerns prior to them occurring. They give us quarterly feedback.  They set up a comprehensive plan after consulting with us in the beginning to get our office where it needs to be from a tech perspective. If you want a team who you can trust, who is completely transparent, honest and knowledgeable, then there is no question as to who you should choose…CTS…these guys are simply the best!

Katie Marczak Practice Manager
Camp Smile Pediatric Dentistry

Quick to Respond And Worth Every Penny

The amount of time that CTS saves us is worth their weight in gold. They do a great job of scheduling maintenance when our office is closed and always answer our calls, so we never have to worry when technology issues arise. When we first started working with CTS, they quickly assessed our IT situation and put together a specifically tailored plan to fit our needs. When we have specific questions about our dental software, they are the first call we make.  Instead of getting stuck on hold and never knowing who we need to speak to, we just call CTS and have our questions answered immediately.

Jim Rowe Practice Manager
Willow Spring Family Dentistry

They Are A Big Reason for Our Success as A Practice

CTS is fast, reliable and we always feel like a priority. The customer service is friendly. CTS is well organized, and they have been helpful to set us up for success with our growing practice.  If you choose to partner with CTS, you will not be disappointed!

Dr. Jayme Glamm Partner
Pearl Dentistry

Their Response Time is Unmatched

CTS provides a well-organized, comprehensive strategy to help manage our office's IT needs. Delivered with a personal touch, custom fit for each client.  Their response time is unmatched and they have great follow through to make sure the problem is resolved. CTS is more professional and have a greater depth of knowledge to help manage all IT needs- not just computers! They help manage intraoral cameras, scanners, printers, digital x-rays, data, HIPAA, etc., AND computers!

Dr. Pete Medaugh Owner
Able Dentistry

They Have Allowed Doctors and Staff to Easily Work

CTS provides easy-to-use tools that have allowed doctors and staff to easily work between multiple offices. In the past, I had to use difficult and confusing software that would only let me connect to a single computer at a time. Now, I can quickly connect to over 130+ computers with a few mouse clicks and easily view my employee's computers to see what issues they are having.  Their password management system has really helped to organize and synchronize the management team.  In the past, when passwords were changed, it was never communicated to all the parties, and people were constantly locked out of workstations, unable to take x-rays, unable to access the dental software.  Now, the majority of those pain points have been resolved and password issues cause much less downtime than they had in the past. It is really helpful to receive a monthly summary of all trouble tickets.  Knowing what my staff is having difficulty with gives me points to improve on and things to discuss at office meetings.  Also, the detailed notes by the IT staff help me better understand my own network. CTS does an excellent job with vendor management.  In the past, no other IT company would ever call Century Link or Comcast on behalf of the dental office and deal with their tech support.

Michael Webb, DDS

The Quality of Service is Unrivaled

Our practice is now running more efficiently which translates to better patient care.  CTS has excellent customer service and timely follow through on requests.  I highly recommend CTS as the entire team is knowledgeable, efficient, and the quality of service is unrivaled!

Dr. Janelle Lee Owner
Bloom Pediatric Dentistry

I have Professionals Taking Care of my IT Needs

It is such a benefit to have professionals taking care of my IT needs. I have full confidence that issues will be addressed promptly and correctly. Any issues that may arise are addressed the same day, and often immediately. If you are on the fence about choosing them for your IT firm, just interview a few of CTS's clients.

Dr. Al Tripam Owner

CTS Keeps Us Efficient

CTS keeps us efficient. With the correct IT support, we have been able to run two locations with little interruption in work flow and patient care. They have great customer service. As a practice, we aim to provide quality and compassionate care to our patients. CTS values and treats their clients in the same fashion.  They are reliable and predictable. CTS is very responsive to our needs each day in order to provide the best possible clinical care to our patients.

Dr. Nick Politano Partner
Colorado Regional Oral Surgery

Solid advice, excellent communication and proactive planning

The biggest benefit of working with CTS is -Functionality-. We work more efficiently and effectively now than ever before. They give us solid advice, excellent communication and proactive planning. They are worth every penny. The peace of mind of having solid IT you can rely on is critical to our daily functionality and profitability, and you shouldn’t trust something that important to just anyone.

Dr. S. Bahr Chief Operating Officer
Compass Dental Group

A Reliable and Skilled Team

CTS is reliable and has a skilled team that's very knowledgeable about dental software.  They go above and beyond to resolve issues at a reasonable price. They respond and fix IT issues in a timely manner.

Dr. Lawrence Musanje Owner
Shining Stars Pediatric Dentistry & Bright Stars Pediatric Dentistry

It’s Worth It

CTS -actually- does the IT and makes sure the system is working properly.  They are quick to resolve any problems.  We have used other IT companies in the past and they do neither of these.  It’s worth it if you need reliable IT support.

Dr. Jashon Hughes Partner
Comfort Dental (2-locations)

We Have Significantly Increased Our Productivity

We have significantly increased our productivity using CTS.  We have way fewer issues and down time.  When we do have issues, they are addressed and fixed typically within hours.

Rick Wagner President
Employment Solutions

Exceptional Customer Service

The biggest benefit to our company since working with CTS has been the exceptional customer service that we have experienced. Working with CTS has been an absolute pleasure! CTS did a great job of providing a turn-key solution for a great price with very short notice. Everything that CTS provided us has come on-time, on budget, and with no issues!

Mike Huskey Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Cornerstone Coatings

Freedom to Focus on What We Do Best

CTS provides us the freedom to focus on what we do best and not IT work. Their number one asset is their responsiveness. Tickets are responded to immediately or at least same day.  When you call, the team knows you and your company. It’s easy to feel like you are the only client. Working with CTS is building a strategic partnership that allows your business to succeed, rather than just checking a box.

Mary & Daniel Lemier Owners
DL Engineering

We Were Attacked by Ransomware

We didn’t have an IT department before we were attacked by Ransomware. After explaining our situation, CTS was able to restore our data.  We’ve been a CTS client ever since.  CTS continues to keep our data and PC’s secure. We feel that the CTS team is an extension of our business.

Debie & Brit Richardson Owners
Radiant Laboratories

Exceptional Customer Service

CTS is a huge improvement over our last IT service company. We have had little to no down time at all. We have only had our Citrix service go down twice in the last two years as compared to a once a week previously. One of the two times, was user error. I appreciate that they always keep us up and running. Do you ever have any problems? Do you want perfection? Go with CTS.

Gary Robie President and Founder
Ready Care Industries